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What is the composition of WPC WALL PANEL?

The main materials of wood-plastic outdoor flooring are PE and wood flour or bamboo flour. After adding additives, high-speed mixing, granulation is carried out, and then the granules are extruded into the material by an extruder, and the latter is processed by polishing and embossing. , This type of floor can be used for outdoor platforms such as gardens, villas, etc., waterproof, flame-retardant, non-slip,

Good processing performance, 8-15 years warranty.

The main ingredients are: wood powder or bamboo powder, HDPE plastic particles, compatibilizer, lubricant, talc, antioxidant, light stabilizer, zinc stearate, paraffin, calcite powder, carbon black, iron yellow,

Iron red, antioxidant and EBS are mixed and extruded at high temperature.